ἀνέχου καί ἀπέχου –

ἀνέχου καί ἀπέχου can be translated into English as “bear and forebear” (my favorite), or also as “endure and renounce.”  It is found attributed to Epictetus in a handful of sources.

About me:

Kevin was first exposed to Stoicism by a fortuitous twist of fate in a middle school Latin course (clearly one of the cool kids), where he came to be known by the name of ‘Epictetus’ after finding a copy of The Golden Sayings on his family bookshelf. While studying a variety of philosophies and religions since, he always felt a pull back to Epictetus and Marcus, which resulted in his further study and practice in the School.

Currently, Kevin works as a Program Analyst and Statistician for the US Navy. In his free time, he competes in Scottish Highland games, writes, does graphics design, and studies philosophy.

Kevin is a graduate of the SES Course and the Marcus Aurelius School, a Fellow of the College of Stoic Philosophers, and Tutor at the MA School; as well as a current student in the Chrysippus School of Theology.

Bio and Resources:

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