ἀνέχου καί ἀπέχου –

ἀνέχου καί ἀπέχου can be translated into English as “bear and forebear” (my favorite), or also as “endure and renounce.”  It is found attributed to Epictetus in a handful of sources.

About me:

Kevin was first exposed to Stoicism by a fortuitous twist of fate in a middle school Latin course (clearly one of the cool kids), where he came to be known by the name of ‘Epictetus’ after finding a copy of The Golden Sayings on his family bookshelf. While studying a variety of philosophies and religions since, he always felt a pull back to Epictetus and Marcus, which resulted in his further study and practice in the School.

In his free time, he competes in Sumo wrestling, builds cameras and does analogue photography, writes, and more.

Kevin is a graduate of the SES Course and the Marcus Aurelius School, a Fellow of the College of Stoic Philosophers, and Tutor at the MA School; and was a student of the now-defunct Chrysippus School of Theology.

6 thoughts on “About

    • “K.L. Patrick” aa the author would be fine. I’m sure your style guide has more specifics for online resources regarding titles and articles. What’s the thesis on, and would you make a digital copy available to me when it’s finished and approved?

      • Hi Kevin, Thank you. Yes of course, you can read it. It’s due in May, and is on philosophy of consciousness, philosophical and spiritual askesis, and ecology. I very much enjoyed your article. All the best, Julie

    • Hi Kevin, Thanks for writing! The thesis is about one month from completion and will then go through an examination process which can take 3-5 months. I can let you know when that process is over. kind regards, Julie ________________________________

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