Tucked away in Buckhannon, WV.

It’s pretty interesting the things one comes across. This street is located in a small WV town, about 5,600 people. But even here, at some point at least, someone remembered a “little Phoenician” who synthesized a philosophy which helped shape the West.
In Buckhannon WV, this street is tucked away not too far from a small Methodist college. I’d be interested to learn when and by whom this street was named. There’s probably an interesting story there. 
If there’s ever going to be a location for an Appalachian Stoa, or a Stoic intentional community:  we’ve found it.


Website updates


You will still be able to view Mountain Stoic at the old https://mountainstoic.wordpress.com, but you can also view it (the same site) at https://mountainstoic.com .  This change is for a couple reasons, but the main one is while reading another philosopher’s site, I noticed an add for a politician that I would bet the author is diametrically opposed to at the bottom.

I have no idea what ads were previously being displayed on this site, a fact I find a touch disconcerting.  This site is in no way a money-making venture for me, but I do not like the idea of my readers being exposed to ads I cannot control, and thereby think I might be endorsing their content.

So, I’ve paid to have them removed from the site.

Thank you for your readership, interaction, and for walking this path with me for the past two and a half years.  I look forward to many more (now without annoying billboards).

— K.L. Patrick, the Mountain Stoic.