Mountain Stoic has zero readers from Svalbard…


Conclusion:  bears are just not that into Stoicism.

* Pink shaded are locations of readers’ traffic to this blog. This is pretty neat, to see the wide variety of interested parties, or at least the preference for VPN traffic.

This blog has been running for about five years now, which is quite some time.  It saw the beginning of the Great Popularization of Stoicism, the peak, and what I suspect now is a sort of decline and probably a ground floating point.  I’ve seen the signal to noise ratio fluctuate dramatically, and I think we’re actually at a low point of that, currently.  I hope to see it get a bit better in the coming years.

This blog’s function has fluctuated in that time, also.  Its level of discourse has risen and fallen, as has my activity here.  But stats like the ones represented by the map above are pretty humbling.

Thanks for a half-decade of readership.

Tucked away in Buckhannon, WV.

It’s pretty interesting the things one comes across. This street is located in a small WV town, about 5,600 people. But even here, at some point at least, someone remembered a “little Phoenician” who synthesized a philosophy which helped shape the West.
In Buckhannon WV, this street is tucked away not too far from a small Methodist college. I’d be interested to learn when and by whom this street was named. There’s probably an interesting story there. 
If there’s ever going to be a location for an Appalachian Stoa, or a Stoic intentional community:  we’ve found it.


Show and tell


I picked up this leather bound, onion skin paper version of the first two Books of the Discourses, Enchiridion, and Fragments.

The inscription says 1924, which is pretty neat, and the printing itself might be 1890 (?).

It was waiting for me in the mail when I got back home.