Voluntary austerity


So, in the vein of voluntary exposure to those things which we might not classify as indifferents, I was scheduled at work for 8 hours on, 8 hours off, then 12 hours on.  I have a 45-minute commute each day each direction.

I was scheduled to work from 2pm to 10pm, then to be back at work again in uniform, armed, and ready to go by 6am.  If I travel home (I live and work in two different cities) , I don’t get much sleep.  So, I was going to sleep at work, on a cot, in a back room. However, I was informed that for some reason (which was kind of made up) that I shouldn’t do that.  Not wanting to deal with the hassle, I decided to make the best of it.

So, I slept in my car in the parking lot.  This allowed me to sleep in until 0530 instead of getting up at 0430. It saved me travel time, and I got to bed about 45 minutes earlier than I would had I gone home.  All in all, turning what would have been about four hours’ sleep into darn near seven hours.

My knees and back aren’t thanking me much, this new vehicle isn’t nearly as comfortable to sleep in as my last one, but I now know that if I need to, I certainly can sleep there.  I also ate the same food for four straight meals, focused more on the fuel of the body than the preference for the tastes.

So, working my way through a 12-hr shift after the end of a 70-hour work week, I’m in better spirits than I might have first thought.

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