Beta-Test for a new project, Stoicism App


If you’re running an Android device, and you’d like to provide some feedback, I would surely take it.  You’ll need to be able install apps from third part sources.  No guarantee or warranted is offered.

Use the below link from your Android device for easiest install.

Download Link:


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5 thoughts on “Beta-Test for a new project, Stoicism App

  1. Works for me, scales up just fine on a Nexus 7 tablet too.

    It’s nice to have a Stoic app to represent your day, perhaps something like a randomly selected quote that you were reminded about during the day would increase the longevity of such an app, rather than just a link to 6 pdfs.

    Also, I think you might be able to embed those pdfs also, rather than opening them in separate apps.

  2. Hmm, wd be nice if pdf’s wd open in-app, not with external reader, as I see Shane already mentioned. Else it would also be fine to have some interactive prohairesis (deliberation) algorythm and maybe some tool to register virtue advancement and loss? :))

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