SLRP: II. On Discursiveness In Reading


Your letter was timely, as I just received three new books on Stoicism over the winter holiday.  I’ve been much better at buying books the past year or two than I have of reading them, and there again much better are starting one than finishing it.

I do find myself going over the same few writings, specifically those of Our School, over and over.  This is a strange change, as I formerly subscribed to the motto of “He who dies with the most books wins.”

The issue I’m most facing is finding the time and energy for study in the midst of the social roles and preoccupations of the standard householder life.  The Stoic path seems to be particularly difficult, as we were are taught that we have obligations in the family, community, and state as philosophers.

How nice it might be to retire for some time to a retreat or wooded cabin, with nothing but books and time to accompany us?

But, as you reminded me in your last letter, it’s not that there is so little time, but that I am spending it poorly.  Keeping in this in mind, I will try to earmark some specific time each day for my studies.

Again, thank you for the timely reminder.


Part of Michel Daw’s Reading Plan of Seneca’s Letters.

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