CERP: Day 2 – Introduction to The Epistles of Anacharsis


Today’s reading is laying the historical groundwork for the following Epistles.  It’s pretty clearly stated that the author is not who it purports to be.  The choice of Anacharsis, being a non-Greek challenging the νόμος of the civilization is a bold one.

The introduction uses some linguistic analysis to determine approximate and relative dates for the authorship.  It claims that the language shows clearly at least two authors.

The distinction between Attic and Koine is one of grammar, word connotation, and relative complexity.  It’s currently above my paygrade to be able to tell them apart, however.

It’s interesting how linguistic analysis can be used in these context, though.  Linguistics (specifically Generative Grammar) is my academic background, so it’s nice to see it here as well.


This is part of the Cynic Epistles Reading Plan.

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