CERP: Diogenes Ep. 28.


XXVIII. untitled: “Diogenes the Dog to the so-called Greeks…” (p. 121)
I think is the longest letter to date which we’ve read.  Diogenes lays into the Greeks (if in name only).  He chastises them for everything from their diet, to their sex, to their drinking, to capital punishment.

This kind of polemic coupled with witty chreia are what I think of when I recall Diogenes.  This seems more firmly in the school than some of the other letters.

I’ve read that the Antisthenes => Diogenes lineage may be a latter Stoic fiction; an attempt to produce a Socratic lineage for Stoicism.  That’s certainly an interesting possibility, and if true, then we see it here even in this letter.

This is part of the Cynic Epistles Reading Plan.

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