CERP: Day 26 – Diogenes Ep. 30.


XXX. To Hicetas, do well (p. 131)
This might be my favorite Epistle to date.  Ps-Diogenes is telling (not the story we know about being assaulted with a staff) his instruction next to the associate of Socrates, whom I think we can safely say is Antisthenes.

In it, Antisthenes installs Ps-Diogenes as a philosopher.  The giving of each item, and the explanation, coupled with the call-and-response style dialogue has a decidedly ritualistic feel.

I can imagine a group of Cynics, “Bring forth the one who would be a true human!”  And ritualistically applying the uniform of a philosopher, with a moral lesson and lecture to mark the occasion.

I think this show the nature of the Epistles well, pretty fast and loose on fact, but a teaching and persuasive method which is hard to argue with.

This is part of the Cynic Epistles Reading Plan.

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