CERP: Day 37 – Diogenes Eps. 41-45.


XLVI. To Plato, the Sage, greetings (p. 177)
So the rich appetites of Plato are compared to the gluttony of sheep, ever eating.  This harkens to the “wealth is not in having many possessions, but few desires” line we hear in Cynic and Stoic sources.  I do especially like the parting shot and mic drop of “But if this does not convince you, then practice fondness of pleasure and mock us for not knowing much.”  Boom.

XLVII. To Zeno, do well (p. 179)
This is a pretty pessimistic outlook, and its interesting how much this changed with Stoicism, esp. Musonius for whom family life is a form of piety.

XLVIII. To Rhesus, greetings (p. 179)
This is a strange little quip of a letter.  “Dude wants to see some horses, he doesn’t eat much, please oblige.”

This is part of the Cynic Epistles Reading Plan.

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