SLRP: LXII. On Good Company



I find it interesting that you would Demetrius in high regard.  There seems to be a trend of Stoics looking to the Cynics admirably.  Epictetus speaks so highly of Diogenes as to whisper Sage in the same breath, for instance.

You often get short shrift, Seneca, for an opulent lifestyle.  I find it especially interesting as we’ve gotten to known each other better over these past four months (!), that the letters which make it into the abridged versions generally exclude your focus on training and simple living.  Of course, there’s the “take a few days of the month” bit, but this is generally viewed as mere lip service.

The ‘rich inner life’ of the Stoic philosopher is sometimes hard to see when first learning about the school, and I think that letters like these may help clarify the point.

See you next week.


Part of Michel Daw’s Reading Plan of Seneca’s Letters.

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