CERP: Day 43 – Heraclitus Ep. 5.


V. Heraclitus to Amphidamas (p. 195)
Heraclitus was sometimes called The Weeping Philosopher, or The Obscure.  The thing I take from this letter is humankind’s kinship to the gods, the soul we share with the rational and diving universal logos.

Again, Heraclitus dismisses the charge of impiety, and dismisses (in Cynic parlance) the νόμος of the society in favor of the divine perspective.  He weeps, then, because man is so situated in vice that his very soul is dyed by it.  The Ps-Heraclitus says he would be quick to smile were we to shuffle off a touch of our vice.


This is part of the Cynic Epistles Reading Plan.

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