CERP: Day 45 – Heraclitus Ep. 7.


VII. To Hermodorus Part 1 (p. 201-203)
Interesting that in Heraclitus’ time, they had activist judges as well!  The Ps-Heraclitus sets up the Ephesians as a vicious people, whose city is rife with all manner of disgrace.

He lists a series of them: gluttony, rapine, promiscuity, faithlessness, and more besides.

The hallmark being that while city itself is steeped in evil, the purpose of the judge is to banish the one who shows it for what it is.  But the Ps-Heraclitus is not himself a judge:  he’s a mirror.  His dour countenance is not born of ill will, but is formed by the quality of the people.  He’s a mirror, not a scale.


This is part of the Cynic Epistles Reading Plan.

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