SLRP: LXVI. On Various Aspects Of Virtue (Part 3: 21 – 30)



It’s easier to accept that all the virtues are equal, probably because we’re less familiar with them.  When we hear that a white lie we make casually is akin to murder, we shy away.  Probably because we’re far more familiar with the “little evil.”  But there’s no such case, because that lie in fact murders our character.

Worse yet, we have trained our moral will, or προαίρεσις, to make such choices in the future.

“Any man who believes them to be unequal is turning away from the virtues themselves and is surveying mere externals; true goods have the same weight and the same width.”

This small selection is worth of pointing out, and contemplating frequently.


Part of Michel Daw’s Reading Plan of Seneca’s Letters.

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