On Stoicism, religion, and superstition.


Depending on which sections of the Stoic-internet you frequent, you may have a range of ideas about Stoicism and religion.  

In some, there is the ahistorical idea that the Stoics were closet atheists, in others theists of various stripes, maybe pantheists, deists, or panentheists.  

I’m interested in Stoic theology, a decidedly minority position on the internet today.  And this got shared in one of the groups the other day, and I thought I’d pass it along.

It’s a Master’s thesis on Stoicism as a religion.  Dangerous waters indeed, no?


One thought on “On Stoicism, religion, and superstition.

  1. I’d say that one of the basic unspoken ethical tenets of Stoicism is that a thing is behaving well when its actions are beneficial in some way to its broader context. If what you do is beneficial to the broadest context possible (God/nature) then you’re living virtuously. Stoic ethics and theology ought to be tightly woven.

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