SLRP: LXXXII. On The Natural Fear Of Death (Part 3: 19 – 24)



You cannot “still braver go,” if you are persuaded that those things are the real evils. Root out this idea from your soul; otherwise your apprehensions will remain undecided and will thus check the impulse to action.

This is the most poignant reminder in today’s letter.  The purpose of our training is not in mere logical exercises or tricks, but to root out false beliefs, and in their place leave assents to true propositions according to nature.

It’s an interesting idea that the Sage might not have to be brave to face a death such as the Spartans saw at Thermopylae, but since his beliefs are founded on correct assents, he knows death is no evil, and this experiences no fear which needs to be combated with bravery.

Thank you for the reminder and food for thought.


Part of Michel Daw’s Reading Plan of Seneca’s Letters.

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