MountainStoic has become a sophist! (sorta)


Apologies for the click-baity title, but it seemed appropriate. Over the past four years I have written more than 470 articles here, and had nearly 30,000 unique visitors. Thank you all immensely for that.

In order to defray some costs, and hopefully to roll out some additional products/services, I have started a Patreon, which I humbly request you consider supporting.

Not much will change around, here however. All of the content I produce has been, and will remain, freely available without cost to you, the reader. That’s incredibly important to me, and it will not change.

The Patreon tiers offer some additional features, like group video chats, and attribution; but the mission of the blog has not changed. I’m interested in the study, practice, and community of Stoicism; and I firmly believe that should be available to as many people as possible.

Thank you, again. And if you’re able, please consider supporting the blog with your Patronage.

— Kevin, the Mountain Stoic

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