Review: The Daily Stoic


I wasn’t intending on writing this review for some time.  My plan was to read the Daily Stoic reader, and use the journal for the better part of a year before making a review.  I’m most of the way through January, however, and I believe I have enough of a feel for the two books to review them adequately.

Image result for daily stoicI liked that the journal meshed with the daily reader, that’s a nice touch.  The journal is three prompts and a short space to write what you’d like related broadly to the reading for the day.  It was a little disappointing that each day is mostly just a re-hash of the previous days.  I was expecting some else, but it is what it is.

For the Daily Reader itself, I cannot any longer recommend it.  I had previously described some of these style books as fine introductions, the shallow end of the Stoic swimming pool.  However, in reading through the Daily Reader, there are recurring … misinterpretations of core Stoic doctrines.  Most of these are fine business practices and mindsets for the self-help go-getter.  But Stoic positions, they ain’t.

I’ll be removing the Daily Stoic from my list of Stoic Books, which wasn’t something I was really ever imagining I’d do.

I don’t wish the author any ill well, or anything like that.  But it seems to me as if when his work adopted the Daily Stoic brand, it jumped a shark.  These works are not Stoic works, they are business oriented self-help and mindset training programs.  As such, I do not recommend them to the practicing Stoic.

5 thoughts on “Review: The Daily Stoic

  1. The very preface of the book puts as modern stoic examples CEOs and politicians, it’s clearly a book with the goal of being something fancy for a CEO of a company to have in his office to show off.
    A time ago I have a exchange of words with Holiday about his “Stoic e-shop” I confront him about the irony and contradiction of the texts and what he is doing, he claimed that the coins he sells are helping people all around the world.
    In a word, Stoicism® by Holiday.

    Besides that, I found your blog just yesterday, I am enjoying. I appreciate your love for the great Hadot.

  2. I share your feelings for the reader (and subsequently the journal). I also understood that they were the “shallower” end of Stoicism. But getting into the material, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t messing with my studies and why the Daily Stoic materials just weren’t making sense to me. I think you’ve hit the issue: the passages are misinterpreted, and the writing doesn’t jive with Stoic principles. It’s a bit of a shame, but thankfully there are other materials out there. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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