Working on the next project: Patreon goals


Some weeks ago, I set a goal for Patreon subscriptions.  Since that time, there have been calls and boycotts of the service in regards to de-platforming and free speech.  I thought the best thing to do would be to delay judgement until I could collect more information.

While I do not agree with the speech of the person who prompted this scandal (?), it does seems strange that Patreon would ban someone for actions taken elsewhere.  However, as a private entity, it seems to me that have the right to do just that, even though the rules governing this seem to me to be poorly written.

I believe that my choice to suspend judgment is the correct one for the time, and would solicit readers’ opinions on this issue of free speech, de-platforming, and the like.  If you’re not totally familiar with the issue, several high profile folks on Patreon have very publically left the platform after one person in particular said something distasteful on another platform.  This became a free speech issue in the minds of some, and thus the shakeup.  Thoughts?  Should MountainStoic continue to use such a platform, are the claims with or without merit?  Let me know where the readers are at either by commenting below, or by private message if you’d prefer.

In the mean time, I’m working on those goals.
Here’s a snippet of a draft version of the Musonius Course:

10% of the way to a big goal!


There are currently five goals on the Patreon site.  The third one is 50 subscribers, and we’re 10% of the way there!  I’ve been working on this course in the background for some time.  When we hit the goal, it will be finished up, and posted on the blog for free (spoiler alert, it’s always for free).

If there’s interest, I’ll offer a sort of coaching/tutor service to go with it for $50 where I read your work, offer feedback, and that sort of thing.  The course will take about two months to complete, and will involved some writing and some practical exercises.  There are a couple books you may need, but it is possible to complete 75% of it spending nothing and using online sources.  The course will be downloadable and do-able without cost, coaching aside.   This will probably a good part of the model for the Patreon, where I raise some funds to work on a project, and the release it into the wild!

So, if you haven’t become a Patron yet, this is the sort of thing it will allow for, and I humbly ask you to consider supporting the blog.

MA School Completion


I got the notification that I have completed the year-long Marcus Aurelius School with the College of Stoic Philosophers.  Looking back on the last year, a lot had changed for me and my life.  I’ve quit my job, (temporarily, Fate permitting) relocated halfway across the country, started a new job, new apartment, and really made some serious changes.

In many ways, my study of philosophy helped me to find the boldness in myself to do these things.  My understanding of the conception of indifferents, operating with the reserve clause, and seeing that ‘the good’ lies in my moral and willful choices has helped me do these things which I suspect I would not have done previously.

Big risks, in a conventional way of thinking; but I’m comfortable and confident that no matter what happens with these projects, preoccupations, and activities:  there is no risk to my moral purpose by making these choices.  Certainly, other things can help or hinder that, but not these things.  It’s an empowering place to find one’s self.

Through the last year, the thing that has remained constant for me has been my obligation to the MA School.  It’s an interesting thing to look back and see that.  I’m glad I had it, and I’m glad to have gone through it.  Philosophy can be this constant thing, this companion and challenging path in one.  While improvement and progress is something we try so hard to see, the utility of having this monolithic quest provides a certain context for the rest of life.

Looking back at where I’ve been the past year, I am excited to see where I will be next year, with my faithful companion of philosophy to help.

MA School update


So, I’ve all but finished the first term in New Stoa’s Marcus Aurelius School.  The first term was logic, and we’re moving on to physics next.  The course thus far is interesting, and the readings and books are more in depth than the SES course.  So far, I’m enjoying it quite well.  I’m looking forward to the next term, which begins in early July.  The format of the course is altered slightly, and the change of pace is welcome.

If you haven’t stopped by and checked out the fine folks at New Stoa, I heartily suggest it.  The free SES course is a great place to start!

SES Course


I’ve registered and am taking New Stoa‘s The College of Stoic Philosophers SES Course.
The class uses several texts, and I will present my progress in chronological order divided by readings.
I don’t receive any compensation for any links provided, and many of these works are available for free on a variety of digital formats.

The Curriculum:

  • Stoicism, by John Sellars       [Amazon link] 
  • Letters from a Stoic, by Seneca       [Amazon Link]
  • The Discourses of Epictetus, by Arrian

  • Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius       [Amazon Link]

  • The Mneme Manual, by Erik Wiegardt       [Download Link]