MA School Completion


I got the notification that I have completed the year-long Marcus Aurelius School with the College of Stoic Philosophers.  Looking back on the last year, a lot had changed for me and my life.  I’ve quit my job, (temporarily, Fate permitting) relocated halfway across the country, started a new job, new apartment, and really made some serious changes.

In many ways, my study of philosophy helped me to find the boldness in myself to do these things.  My understanding of the conception of indifferents, operating with the reserve clause, and seeing that ‘the good’ lies in my moral and willful choices has helped me do these things which I suspect I would not have done previously.

Big risks, in a conventional way of thinking; but I’m comfortable and confident that no matter what happens with these projects, preoccupations, and activities:  there is no risk to my moral purpose by making these choices.  Certainly, other things can help or hinder that, but not these things.  It’s an empowering place to find one’s self.

Through the last year, the thing that has remained constant for me has been my obligation to the MA School.  It’s an interesting thing to look back and see that.  I’m glad I had it, and I’m glad to have gone through it.  Philosophy can be this constant thing, this companion and challenging path in one.  While improvement and progress is something we try so hard to see, the utility of having this monolithic quest provides a certain context for the rest of life.

Looking back at where I’ve been the past year, I am excited to see where I will be next year, with my faithful companion of philosophy to help.

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