CERP: Day 11 – To Metrocles, Metrocles the Cynic, Metrocles, Ganymedes


XX. To Metrocles (p. 71)
I had read before about Crates’ running, and the young men who then followed him.  I didn’t realize that came from the Epistles.  The philosophers of the Cynic and Stoic schools who were runners, or wrestlers, or boxers as well is an interesting phenomenon, and is very different from our modern stereotype.

XXI. To Metrocles the Cynic (p. 71)
I was asked almost two years ago, I think, whether Stoics were born or made.  Crates seems to have his idea on which it is for Cynics.

XXII. To Metrocles (p. 73)
Short and to the point.  I still think many Cynics must have been hungry fellows if they are only accepting ‘their due’ from the wise and virtuous.

XXIII. To Ganymedes (p. 73)
Again, the Pseudo-Crates makes the uniform of the philosopher akin to weapons.  I chuckled, at the poor devil Ganymedes beset on all sides by lovers!  Yet, all it takes is the uniform… and life … of a Cynic to drive them away!

This is part of the Cynic Epistles Reading Plan.

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