CERP: Day 13 – To the same (Hipparchia) x 4


XXX. To the Same (p. 81)
I still have a hard time imagining that Hipparchia is sitting in some room weaving and embroidering for Crates so she seems a dutiful wife.  Isn’t this the same Hipparchia whose coupling in public turned Zeno away from the Cynic path?

XXXI. To the Same (p. 81)
Here, the Pseudo-Crates states the goal of philosophy for the Cynic is wisdom, and that a would-be philosopher should go to great ends to acquire it.  In other places, we see freedom and natural purpose as goals as well.

XXXII. To the Same (p. 83)
I’m well and truly sure that these anecdotes of Hipparchia are not representative of the women and philosopher she was.

XXXIII. To the Same (p. 83)
Here, Crates is congratualting Hipparchia for the birth of their “pup.”  He asks her to send the boy to him to be educated in Cynic Philosophy, and makes a statement about storks and dogs.  The Greek word here is πελαργόν, which is a stork.  I’m not sure what the meaning is here, maybe some cultural reference?

Ps-Crates makes references to animals several times, their ability to live without the nomos of society, for instance.  But I’m not sure what the stork reference here is about.


This is part of the Cynic Epistles Reading Plan.

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