CERP: Day 15 – To Aper, do well, and to Dinomachus


XXXV. To Aper, do well (p. 89)
The Pseudo-Crates has two points which are worth highlighting.  First is the position which echos in Stoicism, that we are distressed when we fail to meet our desires or fail to avoid that to which we are averse.  Ps-Crates spells it out, that our desires are untenable, and our we are averse to those things which we necessarily must be exposed to.  This is problematic for us.

The second point, is that if the message of the philosopher speaks to us, being bent over a tome like to read the epic poets is not the way.  We must emulate those whom we admire, not merely study them.


XXXVI. To Dinomachus (p. 89)
Ps-Crates again beats us over the head with instructions in begging.  It seems to me this is a more important part of Cynic practice that I at first (or even at recent) suspected.


This is part of the Cynic Epistles Reading Plan.

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